Minar e Pakistan

Lahore also known as the city of gates or gardens or lights . It is the second largest city of Pakistan according to population enriched with a unique civilization that is not found in any other part of the world. It has been an attraction to many national and international tourists for its unique taste of delicious desi food and artitechture of Mughal times period. One blog is not enough to justify the highness of this city. Ancient buildings , forts , mosques , monuments are found here in abundance. The place gives a pure desi feel and gives a great view for photographers to capture the moments. Those who study suncontinet archeology may be well  aware of its importance.

The famous punjabi proverbs about lahore city are:
1.”jinnay lahore nai veekh’ya oou jami’aya eei nai “
It means the one who has not seen lahore is not born yet
2.”lahore lahore aay”
It means Lahore is Lahore or there is no place like Lahore.
So hurry up and give a visit to Lahore as soon as possible . There are many tourist spots waiting for you.
Badshahi Fort (Royal Fort) of Mughal times


shalimar garden , the Mughals architecture



Food street Lahore
wazir khan Mosque


Badshahi Mosque , One of the biggest of Pakistan built by Mughals
Hiran minar


Tomb of mughal emperor Jehangir

These places are few of them . If you
want to visit extensively then you may need days to visit all of them which would not be as hectic as you think because the beauty of Lahore is unique.

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