Mazar e Quaid ( Quaid e Azam Tomb)
Karachi , also known as the city of lights is the most biggest and populous city of Pakistan. It is known as ‘the city of lights’ because it is famous that it never sleeps. It is Pakistan’s economic hub. One blog post is not enough to describe its highness. It is the biggest sea port of Pakistan and lay next to Arabian sea. The place is also one of the touristic spots of Pakistan as well. Monuments , art galleries, beaches , museums , and great architecture of ancient buildings provide a big travel package of an unlimited leisure. Though in these times the place has been subject to a worsened law and order situation but it seems that peace is prevailing back.  We are hopeful that the day is not far away when peace will prevail in karachi completely and its lights will enlighten the beauty of Pakistan.
Clifton beach


Churna Island 》 Scuba diving


Empress Market 
Mohatta Palace 
port grand
These are some of the places of Karachi. You may need days to visit Karachi extensively because there is much more which is something unique and you would experience for the first time.
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