Naran and kaghan are two adjacent valleys located in the mansehra district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa provice of Pakistan at an altitude of approximately 8200 feet above the sea level. These are among those most scenic places of Pakistan that provide the unique phenomenon of nature ever witnessed at the face of the earth.
Siri payee, Kaghan


enroute to Naran valley
The prominent tourist places in these valleys are :
1.Lake Saif-ul-Muluk
This Lake is a natural phenomenon and matchless wonder of beauty. It is located in the Kaghan district near Naran valley at an elevation of (10578 feet) above the sea level ranking the highest altitude lake of Pakistan. This charming lake has been a destination for thousands of national and international tourists. Its v shaped formation of an unlimited depth as told by the natives has been of great surprise to researchers and explorers. According to the natives , the life of KING SAIF OF EGYPT  of ancient times was closely associated to it who once lost his counterparts ,went astray and fell in love with a fairy at this Lake. Listening to a story from a native is a good experience though it is purely based on superstitions.
Route to Lake Saif UL Muluk has been claimed one of the scariest and deadliest which comprises of continuous 40 to 1 an hour up and down bumping over the edge of an “abyssus”. It is highly suggested to take a chocolate or any chewing item with you so that your heart would not tremble with fear.
Lake saif ul muluk
2.Babusar top
Babusar Pass or Babusar top is the highest point of Kaghan Valley at an elevation of about 13691 feet above the sea level. It is the only highest point in this area that can be easily accessible by cars thus providing a stunning view of the valleys . 



Lalazar is a Tourist spot situated some 21 km from Naran and kaghan Valleys. It is located at an elevation of 10500 feet above the sea level mostly known by the lush green meadows and Pine forest there. Road to lalazar is a typical mountain dirt track with an abyssus at one side. It is also one of the most soothing spots for camping.


4.Ansoo (Teardrop)  Lake

Ansoo lake is located in Kaghan valley at an altitude of 13972 feet above the sea level. The lake is named Ansoo (Teardrop ) because of its resemblance to an eye dropping a tear. The ridge resembling an eye brow was particularly destroyed in 2005 devastated earthquake in Pakistan himalayas. The lake was first discovered in 1993 by Pakistani airforce pilots flying low in that area Previously natives did not have any idea about it.

There is no place to stay over there because of tempararure severity. It is only accessible in the months of july to september through Lake saif ul Muluk and Malkae Parbat. The journey takes more than 7 hours horse ride or 10 hours hike for one side which is really difficult to manage. But nature lovers have set milestones going over there several times.


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