Swat Valley

Swat is a river valley located in the KPK province of Pakistan in the gigantic Hindu Kush mountain ranges. It is also known as upper valley of Swat river. Lush green meadows , trees and lakes of Swat are the famous attractions in Pakistan . The soothing and cold weather encourages family picninc and tourism over there. Each year , Thousands of tourists enjoy their visit over there. The trout fish of river swat is also famous in that region . The place is so photogenic and alluring that on her visit to Pakistan , Queen Elizabeth II of Britain named it ” The Switzerland of the East “.  It is among those highly scenic towns that are difficult to access in winter season (sept – march) because of severe climatic conditions.  Some of the famous spots include kalam valley , utror , miandam , Bahrain (kalam valley) , Gabral , Mahodand lake , Bashigram lake , Daral lake , Pari (khupiro ) Lake and Kindol lake etc.

A visit is must to see the beauty that you would imagine in your dreams.

Picture review of Swat valley and its tourist spots :



Utror Kalam


Kalam valley


Mahodand Lake






Bahrain , Swat
Spinkhore Lake , swat


Kundol lake , Swat
Ushu Valley


Malam Jabba Ski , Sawat

These are some of the prominent tourist spots of Swat valley .Hope you enjoyed this picture review and my short blog on The Switzerland of East and have decided to visit there.

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